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Alerting solutions


Alerting system for hard of hearing

Be alerted about things happening in the home, such as fire alarm, baby crying, doorbell ringing and more. Choose how you want to be alerted with vibration, blinking lights, text, image and sound.


Alerting system for home care

Live at home for longer with safety alarm and calendar reminders. Get help when needed and daily reminders of chores and appointments.

VEA Care

Alerting system for colleagues

Call for assistance with the push of a button. Wireless solution suitable for schools, institutions and more.


FireSafety on mobile

Stay safe with fire alarms directly on your phone. Be alerted with vibration, lights and sound.

Good sound for everyone


Sound system for classrooms

Tired of raising your voice, noisy rooms or people losing focus? Sound conditions are more important than you think for learning.


Sound system for meeting rooms

It is important that everyone can hear what is being said by collueages and meeting leaders. Contact us about how to eqip your meeting rooms.